tekken 3 ios download

TEKKEN 3 IOS File FREE-Download

TEKKEN 3 IOS has been built for the IOS. You can expect a lot of features from this game that comes in the APk version of the game. The game was released in March 1997 and also was released in 1998 on the PlayStation.

The first arcade version of the game premiered in 2005. Many other arcade versions were made as part of the Tekken 5 Arcade History Mode.

Tekken 3 ios hold up a similar fighting style to the previous versions of the game.

tekken 3 ios download

Over the years the game has made significant improvements. This includes a top-of-the-line gaming lineup. You can expect a lot to happen while playing this game. As it has become a total overhaul. Over years, there is an introduction of 15 characters. The growth in the characters of Tekken is outstanding. The game has liquid gameplay that makes it one of a kind. You can evade the attacks of the enemy by doing what is in your fighting strategy.

Why you should download TEKKEN IOS?

All the action is now packed in the arcade stick of the game. You can expect the game to become a lot better over the years because it has proven to be a monumental success. There is a lot of reassurance while playing this game.

Another thing that has happened is that players won’t feel lethargic while playing this game because it is built in such a way that they would often or rather feel comfortable while playing this game.

You can leap a faith and form the best strategies against your enemies. Other players can guess your movement. You need to avoid falling into the pitfalls. Players will notice significant changes while playing this game and vice versa.

You can now have more dazes, and dashes along with grips. You can also reshuffle your moves so that your enemy can’t guess them. This is one of the features that make the game worthwhile. You can do combo moves. These combo moves will prove your success. You should make sure that your combo moves should not stink because if so then you won’t be able to get an edge over your competitors.


  • Some notable features of Tekken 3 are:
  • An amazing fighting style and role-playing play.
  • High-resolution texture.
  • Awesome visuals.
  • Staggering modifications.

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