TEKKEN 4 iOS Download Latest Game For iPhone [Free]

Tekken 4 iOS As the neam suggests the game is the 4th edition in the Tekken series. You can expect a lot of better future versions after this. There are many changes that have been made in the game.

One of the most anticipated features of the game has been been the use of dividers. People can move around while using the dividers.

The designers have put a change maneuver. This can help to tackle any situation that you can find yourself in. You can also download the Tekken 3 to know more about the game.

tekken 4 ios

You can play the Tekken 4 as you like. You will have lightning-fast speed along with fast controls that will help you to win the game. The surface of the game is very smooth and there are dynamic controls that you can use. There are many personalities that have also been added to make the game more challenging. The character of the Mojukin has been unleashed that will give people an idea about what they can expect while playing this game as this game has been one of the most anticipated games out there in the market.

The game has around 23 characters. These characters are presented very well. Similarly from the Tekken 2, they have been rebirthed. You can also play this game on an emulator so that you can have the best experience out there that has been ever made for you.

You can also play this game by using a PCSX emulator.

The game has also been named the Tekken force. You will have forced upon the force that will fight with you. You are also confronting the Heichi itself. Tekken 4 is created for every game enthusiast out there who wants to have an experience of a lifetime. There will also be hand-to-hand fighting where your competitors will have a close look at you. Hand Capoeria is one of another game that you can download.

Features of the Tekken 4 iOS:

  • Below are some of the most amazing features of the Tekken 4.
  • The fighting game itself.
  • There are walled stages all around.
  • The switched maneuver is also introduced in the game.
  • The graphics are very smooth.
  • The lighting and the dynamic of the player have also been increased.
  • The Mokujin’s character has been replaced with combat.
  • Tekken force is a mini-game.


  • You can click on the download button.
  • Download the Tekken 4 installer.
  • Choose the directory where you want to install the game.
  • Let the game install in the directory.
  • Open the game and enjoy the gaming experience of your lifetime.

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