tekken 4 pc

Tekken 4 PC Game FREE-Download For Windows

Tekken 4 PC is the best match for anyone looking for thrill and excitement at the right time.

Today we will present you with the best arcade game out there that is worth every second of your gameplay. Tekken 4 has created its name in the gaming field for quite a long time.

Whether you have played 3 or not, you are going to envy this game so much that you will crave it. The best thing about this game is the gameplay and the superpowers that are given to the characters that are playing the game.

As we can see, it has continued the previous version of the game, Tekken 3. It is played by thousands of people all around the world due on their mobile phones.

It is a very easy step to download the game and play it because of the easy gameplay. The game has the ideal gameplay mechanism and it also features fearsome fighters. The Newcomers come and connect on the multiplayer format.

You can play this game with your friends as well. The game has a new feel. It has also expanded dividers, and landscape impact, and also it has modified battling procedures. There are also many extended game modes. These modes are Training, Team Battle, and also the new Tekken force which will give you a new profound experience.

There are many notable changes in the game such as:

The addition of Walls and the space has also been confined to give the users the ultimate experience that they need. It has enabled the players that they can easily move around without causing any disruption. You can also use many obstacles during the fight.

The game motor has also been centered which revolves around the earth. The characters move around gradually and more smoothly. Now a player can back up as much as they like. They can then rush in at full speed so that they can make the quickest dash that will cause the other player to lose consciousness. This strategy has been known for quite a long time now.

tekken 4 pc

Quality Of Graphics In Tekken 4 PC:

The Tekken 4 PC has great graphics. The game has been designed in a very good manner. The game provides it, users, with the best quality graphics and so many graphics and features to choose from which are fat better than the previous versions of the Tekken


  • Increase in Lighting
  • Drastic enhancement in dynamic physic
  • Players are very smooth on the surface
  • HDTV High Definition view.
  • The clarity of the players fighting is quite remarkable and unbeatable.
  • The modulation of the game is excellent.
  • The background is very clean.
  • There are many other objects where you can test your skills these include trees and vehicles of all sizes and shapes to give you an unfair advantage,
  • Beautifully designed octagons and malls.
  • The animation of the players is quite flawless. They have great posture that will help you not to trip over.
  • The overall looks of the players are quite reasonable and also these are likely the best-looking graphics out there, their measurement is not only confined to their bodies but also their dashes, jumps and swift kicks, and punches.

Sound Quality:

The quality of the sound has also drastically improved over the years. There are many piano keys and horns that you can look upon to. This reminds us of the origin of the Tekken game. This APK is all about the pleasure and the thrill that you can get with it. There are also many jazz, sounds that you can play along the way.


  • Each player has a special speech.
  • English voices have been added.
  • More vocals have been added with every move of yours.
  • The soundtrack does not exist during each match.

A Version Of The Console:

Tekken 4 APK has all the fighting techniques that are available in Tekken 3. It gives the player an edge as they are fighting the Hibachi itself. There is also a battle where you need more power to win over your opponent so your chances won’t be reduced over time.

  • Now players can boost their health as well as their powers with the enemies.
  • There are different ranks that player holds.
  • There are different stamina, powers along strengths that players and characters hold.

Number Of Characters In Tekken 4 PC:

  • There are around twenty-three characters from Tekken 3.
  • There are around 3 characters from Tekken2
  • Tekken 3 has a robotic character that basically copies the styles of the other players.
  • Most of the players fight with Heihachi in the last stage of the game.

Minimum System Requirement For Tekken 4 PC:

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Hard Disk Space: 9GB


  • You can collect over a hundred characters with unique qualities and styles.
  • They can be upgraded with demand and there are around 20 spots with winning stages.
  • You can start the game with a unique gaming mode story mode along with challenging modes.
  • You can unlock achievements.
  • You can also have a high energy boost.

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