tekken 55 ios download

TEKKEN 5 IOS File FREE-Download

TEKKEN 5 IOS The fighting saga has not ended yet. It has proved to be one of the best combat arcade games out there. It has proved to be a monumental success over the years. Based on the facts with so many options to play with. Tekken 5 has been long known for the full fledge experience that it provides to its users.

You can play Tekken 5 also on mobiles. Tekken 5 has proven to be one of the most successful fighting saga games out there. You can join legendary characters such as Paul, Panda, Nina, Law, Xiaoyu, and Kazuya.

You will nearly face everyone in this game. The game has the best rating on the Play store as well as the Apple store. The game went viral after it was released. Tekken 5 IOS has proven to be monumental. It provides its users with the best experience that can be available.

tekken 55 ios download

You can have everything which includes, good graphics, Fluid graphics as well as fighting styles that are only bounded to the Tekken players.

Features of TEKKEN 5 IOS:

There are many special features that you can focus upon. You will get an exceptional thrill while playing this game.

The Jin Kazama departs from its native playground which is also called the Hon-Maru Dojo. You can see the corporation helicopters approaching. The Jack 4 pods can be seen approaching. The Kazuya leaves Heichi to be dead. But fate has other plans for him. There is a huge explosion that can leave everyone dead. But Heichi along with the Mishima can be seen alive.

We can someone taking over while leaving everyone in a sense of complete awe as everyone was hoping to see the legends dead but they escape the death narrowly.

The witness of the event is a Raven who belongs to a legendary clan. Heicihi is declared dead all over the world. This is where the fun begins.

Two months later it can be seen that a tournament takes place. This leaves everyone wondering. Many other features of the game make it quite a remarkable game to play.

During this period many features are added to the game. These features include.

  • Amazing Moves and characters.
  • A progress bar that increases and changes rapidly.
  • Characters that are top of the line.
  • The graphics along with the gestures are just amazing.
  • Bonus points.
  • Training mode to make you more skillful.
  • Tekken moves along with Combos.
  • More control over players.


This game will surely remind you of your childhood. If you want to have an exciting as well as a thrilling summer with your friends then this game is there for you that will give you a rush of adrenaline.

You can expect to become a complete pro while playing this game. If you are looking for something that is out of the box then this game is designed for all the players who want to test their combat skills because with each upgrade this game increases the thrill 10 times.

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