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Tekken 5 PC Game FREE-Download For Windows

Tekken 5 PC Game is one of the most awaited games out there that has been there in the gaming arcade industry. It has proven itself from time to time due to its graphics, gameplay as well as many other features that make it one of a kind computer game.

Over the years Tekken series has been the most tested series because of the user experience that it gives to its users. You can expect thrill, excitement, and a lot of opportunities by playing this game.

It has been improved a lot so it gives its users a chance to test out their abilities. This game comes with a lot of features that will not only give you a thrill but the experience of a lifetime.

There are many new fighting techniques that will be introduced in the game so that you won’t run out of fighting techniques. It will help you to have your attention on the game for a longer period of time. You just need to download the game and get going. If you want to play this game then you have to get yourself back to the origin as well as where it all started. You can then achieve a higher level along the way.

The visual graphics of the game has improved quite a lot. This game has a new crushing system that will make you a fan of the game. The game will make you its fan in no time.

There are around 32 players along with 7 new characters that are added to the game to make it more thrilling. You can have these players any kind of your choice so that you can have an unfair edge over your competitors.

Juggling Concept Of Tekken 5 PC Game:

There is a new concept that will take you to new heights. During this concept, people can jump through the wall to avoid any kind of damage. This will help you to defend yourself better in front of new opponents that are coming your way. Players can move back and forth vigorously in no time so that they can attach their opponent better than anyone else.

tekken 5 pc

Characters Can Be Customized:

The best feature of this game is that the players can be customized. This means that their look can be changed at any point in time. Their costumes can also be changed which can give them a new look at any point in time. You can also change the fighting techniques of the players that you have opted to fight.  The player can also add new techniques and weapons to have an edge over their competitors. You can also purchase new items by using the currency that is available in the game.

Quality of graphics of Tekken 5 for PC:

The developers of the Tekken 5 game have improved the graphics of the game such that.

  • The overall color effect of the game is drastically made better
  • Visual quality is made better
  • More lighting effects are added.
  • The animation quality is also made better
  • Brightness is also enhanced.
  • The costumes of the characters are improved
  • Background and the stages of the game are also made glitch-free.

Speed of the game:

The speed at which you can play the game is so much that you can’t really comprehend. It has been improved at a remarkable pace. There is not a single time when each instruction that is given from your finger will go unnoticed. It’s like you are in the mind of the player. It’s like you are in the mind of the player and you are controlling it with your mind.

The improvement along the way has overall enhanced the level of the game. You can have a great defense against your opponent.

Mini-game feature:

One of the best features of Tekken 5 is the Mini-Game:

You have to pursue the undertakings of  Jin Kazama as he goes from place to place to find the remains of their mother and the data that might lead him to something meaningful.

The story is arranged in such a way that you can’t choose the player of your choice. What you have to do is to make your own choices that will lead you to new endeavors. You might need to work as a warrior and fight on your own.

The game has other features such as block and jump so you won’t be allowed to do anything else when you will be playing the game and fighting different players. Similarly, you will be confined to using the punch or kick.

You can either have the Devil Manifestation or the Devil Jinn.

There are minimum requirements of the game such as:

  • Windows XP or Vista/ 7
  • The processor should be at least 2.8 GHz
  • The minimum Pentium should be 4 as a CPU
  • The Graphics card should be at least 256 Mb
  • Hard Disk space should be 256 Mb
  • A Sound car should be Windows Direct X9,0
  • Mouse and Keyboard.

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