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Tekken 5 Xbox  Due to the rising demand for the Tekken Series, we have come up with a version of the Tekken Series that will make you the best player out there.

Features of the Tekken 5 Xbox

Tekken 5 Xbox Guide

  • Tekken 5 is one of the best games out there as far as 3D or 2d fighting is concerned.
  • It gives its user the best experience out there that is possible. You can have adequate flashy movements that will make you a beast in everything you do so you must play very quickly to be the best player out there.
  • The intermediate player uses more fascinating and thrilling moves to get an edge over the competitors and also they want to dig deeper and deeper.
  • The main game mode is the player mode.
  • The main game mode takes you through a series of modes and still frames with voiceovers so that you can understand the game better than anyone else in the battle.
  • Once you reach the plot of the game then you will see some text images with the final ending of each player showing what they have done so far.
  • Tekken 5 has the same Virtua 4 fighter customization so you can continue the game as you like.
  • You can change and modify the characters as you like. This will help you to play the game as much as you want.
  • Each player has its customization and there will be more options that you can have. Each player has its customizations and each character is different from the other.
  • The arcade type mode is the mode where we can use a coin to customize the player to your choice. You can also use artificial intelligence in the game.
  • You will play against players that are run by artificial intelligence. This will help you to have a better understanding of the game and move in any direction you want based on your experience and fighting tactics.
  • The name of the ring as well as the player is very neat. It is implemented in a very neat manner and you can monitor the name of the player that is stored in the memory cars and track the player’s rank as well.
  • Many players are people’s favorite. You won’t need to worry about anything. Everything will be pre-planned so that your time won’t get wasted and you will have an edge over competitors.
  • Many players are built-in. These players include characters such as Kazuya, Paul, Law King and Nina, Yoshimitsu, and other big players such as Brayan, Hwoarang, Bruce, Anna, Kee, and Xiaoyu.
  • Tons of players can be seen in action. These players blend with the environment so well that you can’t imagine the output in the long run. These players make the moves that are done unrecognizable.
  • The looks of the players are fresh and smooth and you won’t think that they are plastic-like and they have smooth skin tones as well as a texture that makes them one of a kind.
  • There are also many new soundtracks that will make this game the most thrilling game out there. The previous versions of the game had the same kind of soundtracks but this version has completely different soundtracks.

Tekken 5 Xbox FAQS:

Is Tekken 5 available online?

No, it is not available online.

Can we unlock pair play mode?

No, there is not a feature in this game.

Can you save replays such as Tekken 4 or take screenshots like Tekken Tag Tournament?

This feature has been quiet there for a long time now. You can save replays.

Is Tekken Ball or Tekken Bowl Mode incorporated in Tekken 5?

No, it is not included.

What about Tekken 4 training mode?

No, it is not part of the Tekken 5.

How many dresses does each character have?

There are 4 dresses for each player. You can unlock more dresses later on.

How are you going to get extra outfits?

You need to pay more for new outfits.

How to equip the extra outfits?

You can pick them with the right punch or right kick.

Can the extra outfits be customized?

No, they can’t be customized.

Can I have a variety of names?

No, there is the only name that can be acquired at one point in time.

Can we get expensive items for free?

You can earn extra money in the arcade mode.

How to activate theatre mode?

It can be activated with every character that you defeated in the story mode.


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