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Tekken 6 Xbox is one of the most anticipated games of all time considering the graphics and the user experience that it gives to its consumers and gaming enthusiast.

It has been long known for its style and the number of characters that it has. Tekken 6 is an extension of the Tekken series. You can choose from a range of fighters that are there to make your arcade experience the best in the line of games.

Each player has its variety and deadly technique that would make him the light of the Tekken series. You can customize your characters in any way you do. You can have every benefit you like and also fight solo in the king of iron fist tournament where there would be amazing graphics and high contrast that would make your every detail worthwhile.

Tekken 6 Xbox

You will also have a feature where you can customize your character based on the features of it so that you can get the necessary boost whenever you like and you can fight with the players with your knuckles.

We would highlight some features of the Tekken 6 Xbox:

  • You can select from the largest series of players. The largest character roster will include many players as well as branded players to choose from.
  • You can choose from a series of players, you can make them do certain movements and combinations so that they can do better than anyone else.
  • There are a variety of players and gameplay modes to choose from. There are also many new features and new environments with surprising intensity,
  • There will be bone-jarring punches as well as gut-wrenching trials that will test your nerves along the line. You can expect all of this in splendid Hd graphics.
  • You can take the online fight so that you can compete in many great fights or you can dominate other players with your fighting tactics.
  • There is a new rage system that is introduced in the game that will give you more damage per hit so that if you want to have an edge over the other player then this rage system will help you to make the best out of yourselves.
  • By using the rage system there will be a red aura that will be generated from the players. This red aura will make everything red and the health bar of the player will start to flicker red.
  • You can modify the aura based on various colors, effects that include fire, electricity, and ice so it will make your fighting style more intense and cool.
  • There is another feature that makes the Tekken game top of the line. This system is called the bound system where the several actions of the player will be enhanced and the player can be smashed into the ground with several ranges of combos. This will leave the player in complete despair and he would be left vulnerable with no option to look further when facing further attacks,
  • The game has been made on a proprietary engine that runs on 60 frames per second and this dynamic engine is called the ”Octave Engine”. This highly mimics the fluid dynamics and also allows the water to behave in a certain manner and how the character moves most of the time.
  • The graphics are designed to look smoother and more realistic like the previous versions of the game.

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